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GDS Reform Programme Engagement Event 

Wednesday 9th March 2022 
18:00 - 20:00

Breakout Rooms

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Q&A - GDS Reform

Chair: Rob Davies, Associate Clinical Director, CTM UHB
 Panel to Include:
·         Amit Duggal/Paul Gray/Liam Kitchinside/Grant Burnip - NHS BSA
·         Kathryn Marshall and Kirstie Moons – HEIW
·         Andrew Powell-Chandler, Warren Tolley – WG
·         Anup Karki and Paul Brocklehurst – PHW
Representative from each HB (HOPC/Dental Services Manager)

Workshop: Implications of GDS Reform and Impact of COVID19 for the CDS

Facilitator:  Dr Ilona Johnson, PHW
To Include:
·         CDS Directors/Deputies and others from all HBs

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