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Six Goals for Urgent and Emergency Care
Goals 5 & 6 Launch Event

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13:00 - 15:00 6th December 2022 


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Please indicate your interest in each of the goals? (1 = not interested / 10 = very interested) 

Goal 1: Co-ordination, planning and support for populations at greater risk of needing urgent or emergency care
Goal 2: Signposting people with urgent care needs to the right place, first time
Goal 3: Clinically safe alternatives to admission to hospital
Goal 4: Rapid response in a physical or mental health crisis
Goal 5: Optimal hospital care and discharge practice from the point of admission
Goal 6: Home first approach and reduce risk of readmission

Please rank the following aspects of the of this event in order of importance to you. (1 = most important / 4 = least important) 





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