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Estyn Live: School Governors – Acting as critical friends and the Impact of governor training

Join us live at 6pm on 24 May 2023. Assistant Director Cath Evans and HMIs Liz Counsell and Carwyn Jenkins will share the findings of our Thematic report which launches on the same day and explores the important work of school governors – their role as critical friends and the impact of governor training.


If you’re involved int the work of governing bodies in schools across Wales, join us to hear about:

  • the main headlines from our thematic report

  • effective practice examples from schools around Wales

  • the importance of high-quality training to ensure governors are aware of the latest developments in education


We’ll also be answering any questions you have about our findings from the report.


Check back here soon for the live stream link. We’ll be live for about 30 minutes, but if you can’t join us live, you can watch the stream back at any time on our Youtube channel.

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