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Seminar adroddiadau Rhwydwaith Tystiolaeth Gydweithredol (CEN)
Collaborative Evidence Network (CEN) reports seminars

Thursday 19th January 2023
16:00 - 18:00

Seminar 1 - Vulnerable learners and wellbeing

4pm – Introduction from the chair - Dr Carmel Conn, University of South Wales
4.05-4.25pm – Presentation from researchers
  • Supporting young quiet, shy and anxious children in school - led by Dr Sue Davis and Dr. Rhiannon Packer (Cardiff Met)
4.25-4.35pm – Q&A
4.35-4.55pm – Presentation from researchers
  • COVID–19, Education and Learning: Amplifying Young Children’s Voices - led by Dr. Jacky Tyrie (Swansea) and Sarah Chicken (UWE)
4.55-5.05pm – Q&A
5.05-5.25pm – General discussion and comments on all three reports
5.25pm – Closing comments from Chair
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