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Seminar adroddiadau Rhwydwaith Tystiolaeth Gydweithredol (CEN)
Collaborative Evidence Network (CEN) reports seminars

From January 2023, we have been holding a series of online seminars to showcase and disseminate the main findings from the Collaborative Evidence Network (CEN) reports. The eighteen collaborative research projects, involving HEIs and other organisations, looked at impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on various aspects of the education system and on particular groups of learners. They also looked at ways to mitigate those impacts, as well as ways practitioners and learners can be better supported going forwards.


This forth seminar focuses on different approaches to learning in the classroom. This includes an examination of the role for pupil voice and how this could be expanded, the role of outdoor learning and the role of grouping practice for children with additional learning needs.

Seminar 4 – Changing Classroom Approaches

July 3rd 2023, 16:00 - 18:00

4pm – Introduction from Anwen Orrells

4.05-4.25pm – Presentation from researchers

  • Pupil Voice in Wales: the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic – led by Dr Rhian Croke, Arwyn Roberts, Professor Jane Williams (Observatory on the Human Rights of Children at Bangor and Swansea Universities)

4.25-4.35pm – Q&A

4.35-4.55pm – Presentation from researchers

  • Teaching and learning in the outdoors: the current state of outdoor learning in schools in Wales – led by Graham French (Bangor)

4.55-5.05pm – Q&A

5.05-5.25pm – Presentation from researchers

  • Grouping practices for learning support- led by Dr. Carmel Conn (University of South Wales)

5.25-5.35pm – Q&A

5.35-5.55pm – General discussion and comments on all three reports

5.55pm – Closing comments from Chair

Future Seminars

​ ​

Seminar 5 - Transition to post-16 and beyond


Seminar 6 - School learning and engagement 

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