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Seminar adroddiadau Rhwydwaith Tystiolaeth Gydweithredol (CEN)
Collaborative Evidence Network (CEN) reports seminars

From January 2023, we will be holding a series of online seminars to showcase and disseminate the main findings from the Collaborative Evidence Network (CEN) reports. The eighteen collaborative research projects, involving HEIs and other organisations, looked at impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on various aspects of the education system and on particular groups of learners. They also looked at ways to mitigate those impacts, as well as ways practitioners and learners can be better supported going forwards.


Below we list the agenda for the first seminar and the planned schedule for the rest of the seminar series. The precise dates for future seminars are subject to change depending on when reports are able to be published.

Thursday 19th January 2023

16:00 - 18:00

Seminar 1 - Vulnerable learners and wellbeing

4pm – Introduction from the chair - Dr Carmel Conn, University of South Wales
4.05-4.25pm – Presentation from researchers
  • Supporting young quiet, shy and anxious children in school - led by Dr Sue Davis and Dr. Rhiannon Packer (Cardiff Met)
4.25-4.35pm – Q&A
4.35-4.55pm – Presentation from researchers
  • COVID–19, Education and Learning: Amplifying Young Children’s Voices - led by Dr. Jacky Tyrie (Swansea) and Sarah Chicken (UWE)
4.55-5.05pm – Q&A
5.05-5.25pm – General discussion and comments on all three reports
5.25pm – Closing comments from Chair

Future Seminars

Seminar 2 – Vulnerable learners and their families 


Seminar 3 - Classroom Approaches 


Seminar 4 - Language, literacy and literature 


Seminar 5 - Transition to post-16 and beyond


Seminar 6 - School learning and engagement 

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